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Alabama WIC Information

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Women, Infants & Children (WIC) is a supplemental nutrition program for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women who had a baby within the last six months, infants, and children under the age of five. One must meet income requirements and have a nutritional risk that proper nutrition could help to improve.

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To see if you may qualify, you must

  • meet income guidelines
  • be a resident of Alabama
  • be seen by a health professional at the WIC clinic

If you think you may qualify, please call your county health department to make an appointment.

At the WIC appointment, you will need to bring

  • proof of residency (a document with your street address on it, such as a lease or bill)
  • proof of identity (a driver's license)
  • proof of income (pay stubs OR you would be automatically income eligible if you are currently enrolled in TANF, Food Stamps or Medicaid, so bring proof of enrollment)

At the appointment once the above is documented, you will be evaluated for a nutritional risk which is the other main qualifying factor in determining benefit eligibility for pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding women, infants and children under 5.

Call 1-888-942-4673 to obtain further information.

2008 Nutrition Education Sessions on the Web New!

Did you know you can earn nutrition education (SNE) credit for completing sessions on the web? Go to WIC Nutrition to see the session topics and choose the session you want to complete.

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When does a breastfeeding client qualify for a electric pump?
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big mami10
 in response to mom89...   yes unless you can prove that it is medically necessary for them to be absent,(example: haas contaigious symptoms etc.) The WIC office will then ask you for doctor info and contact them for childs hright an weight.
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does my child have to go to her 1 year appointment at the wic office
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